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Pacific Amphitheatre | Costa Mesa, California

Brett Young

OC Fair right at Pacific Amphitheatre is bringing along Brett Young, headlining on Sunday, August 4. The Orange County native will be returning to his hometown for the much-awaited OC Fair, bringing some of the nation's biggest acts on an all-out celebration. The country music superstar is expected to perform his roster of big hits. He's most famous for his 2017 hit single "In Case You Didn't Know", selling over a million copies, certified Diamond by the RIAA. The success of his single paved the way for his massive success in the country scene. His succeeding hits include "Like I Loved You", "Here Tonight", "Mercy", "Catch", "You Didn't", and more. Known for his heartfelt lyrics and melodies that strike the heart, a live Brett Young concert is one heck of an emotional ride. Witness the man himself, Brett Young, serenade you with his classic hits and new anthems off of "Across the Sheets" at OC Fair. Book your tickets now!

The Orange County native is heading back to his hometown for a massive headlining show at OC Fair. Scheduled to rock the stage with his emotional country hits, Brett Young is coming back home on August 4. Best known for his RIAA-Diamond certified single "In Case You Didn't Know", he soon became on of the nation's hottest country artists. Scoring ACM's New Male Vocalist of the Year back in 2018, he's also been nominated for several other accolades including "Top Country Song" and "Top Country Album" at the Billboard Music Awards.

Growing up, Young attended Calvary Chapel High School in Costa Mesa, known as a baseball player among his peers. Following an elbow injury, he put his baseball dreams to a halt and pursued country music. "In Case You Didn't Know", one of his early singles back in 2017, became a breakout hit, taking the man atop the charts. His succeeding singles "Like I Loved You", "Here Tonight", "Mercy", "Catch", "You Didn't", and many more became instant favorites in the country scene.

In April 2020, Young released his hit single "Lady", a song dedicated to his wife and daughter. A year later, his third studio album "Weekends Look a Little Different These Days" was released, full of the man's signature emotional bangers.

"I can be a very emotional songwriter and, for some reason, the sad, reflective songs, often come naturally for me," he shared in a press release, talking about his song "You Ain't Here to Kiss Me".

In August 2023, the man released his latest LP "Across the Sheets", a compilation of new and old tracks, including fresh takes on familiar songs. "I really dug deep with my writing over the pandemic. Across The Sheets is by far the most adventurous I’ve ever gotten thematically and lyrically," he shared, via Music Row. "I hope people hear my evolution as a songwriter and artist because I’m really proud of how much I allowed myself to pull back the curtain and let people see more of my life through my music,"

With new music and fresh takes on some familiar favorites, Brett Young is truly an artist dedicated to produce music that allows listeners to feel every bit of emotion. This is also carried over to his live shows. Speaking about his audience, as cited from a feature by The Daily Express, "There absolutely is a huge responsibility that I feel to respect them - their hard work and their hard-earned money that they're spending," he said. "They didn't just spend money, they gave us their whole evening, you know? So I feel a huge responsibility."

Explaining how his fans are not only first-time concertgoers, they are dedicated people who come and make time to catch his shows, "that's a commitment that you have to honour." Committed to bring his A-game every time he hops on stage, the man sure is serious about his music.

As Brett Young heads back home for his headlining show at the OC Fair season, don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Brett Young at Pacific Amphitheatre

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