Pacific Amphitheatre is only open during the Orange County Fair every year. So make sure you make the most of this once-a-year opportunity by reading and following the rules and policies below. If you have any questions about the policies, please contact the general information line at 714-708-1500. 

Accessibility Policy

Pacific Amphitheatre works diligently to provide disabled access and accessibility assistance for any guests in need. This includes disabled access ticket booths so persons in need spend less time in line and can get to their seats sooner as well as Accessibility seating in the venue. 

Child Policy

Children 23 months or younger are admitted for free. These children must remain in their parents or guardians lap during the entirety of their visit to the venue. At two years or older, all children must have their ticket for the event. Pacific Theatre recommends caution, as young children’s hearing is still developing and the high volume of many events may pose a risk. Strollers and wagons are not allowed inside the venue. If children are being loud or disruptive, they and their parents and guardians may be asked to leave.

Dress Policy

There is no dress code for Pacific Amphitheatre. Dress for comfort as you will see everything from jeans to suits. Because it can get cold at night, sweaters are recommended for late-night performances.

Late Arrival Policy

All performances begin on time as listed on your ticket or the show schedule and program. Because of the high traffic around the venue and during the Orange County fair, the venue opens 60-90 minutes before scheduled performances. It is recommended that you arrive no later than 15 minutes before your event so you can find your seat. If you are late, you may be asked to wait outside until an appropriate show break so as not to disrupt other guests.

Lost and Found Policy

Take the following steps if you lose something at the venue. Call the Pacific Amphitheatre general office at 714-708-1500. Please be sure to leave detailed information including, your full name, your contact information, detailed description of your lost item(s), and the day and event(s) you visited. Staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Photo and Video Policy

You may not bring cameras (still or video), recorders (audio or video), or any other kind of transmission, recording, or photography device inside of the venue.

Posters and Signs Policy

Guests and visitors are welcome to bring posters and signs to the events. You may not mount signs on sticks or poles and the maximum allowed size is 28’’ W by 22’’ H. If your sign obstructs the view of an event, you may be asked to put it away during the event.

Prohibited Items

Pacific Amphitheatre does not allow the following items on the premises.

  • Weapons of any kind including guns, knives, replicas, pepper spray, and projectiles

  • Lawn chairs, strollers, umbrellas, or anything else that might get in the way

  • Fireworks, laser pens, glass bottles, cans, and similar potentially dangerous objects

  • Cigarette, vapes, pipes, and other smoking paraphernalia.

  • Illegal drugs or substances

  • Pets

  • Clothing with offensive or profane language

Event staff reserves the right to restrict items that are not listed above. If you want to be sure that your belongings are acceptable please call general information at 714-708-1500.

Refund Policy

Pacific Amphitheatre ticket sales are final and no exchanges or refunds will be accepted. This includes lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets.

Safety Policy

Pacific Amphitheatre is committed to the safety of their guests. Guests caught doing the following acts may be asked to leave as they pose a potential health or safety risk.

  • Interfering with other guests ability to enjoy the event.

  • Sitting in seats for which they are not properly ticketed.

  • Refusing to show tickets when asked by event staff.

  • Showing behavior or signs of violence and/or intoxication.

  • Interfering with the progress of the event.

Smoking Policy

Pacific Amphitheatre does not allow smoking of any kind on the premises. This includes cigars, cigarettes, e-cigs, vapes, and any similar device or paraphernalia.

Ticket Policy

Pacific Amphitheatre tickets come with free admission to the Orange County fair. Also, tickets sell out fast, so it’s advised that you check back at this page often and order early so you don’t miss out! Once tickets are gone, they are gone for good.