Needtobreathe & Johnnyswim at Pacific Amphitheatre

Needtobreathe & Johnnyswim Tickets

Pacific Amphitheatre | Costa Mesa, California

Needtobreathe & Johnnyswim

American rock band hailing from South Carolina, NEEDTOBREATHE, is hitting the stage at Pacific Amphitheatre on Thursday, August 22nd. Special guest Johnnyswim will be sharing the stage. Known for their early hits as a Christian rock band, the band has expressed that their music is for everyone - and their newest album "CAVES" shares hard-hitting and soul-uplifting tracks for everyone to enjoy, no matter what you believe in. Kicking off a series of shows this year, the band looks forward to meaningful nights with their fans - rockin' it out to their hits, favorites, and new music. The new LP features the band's newest hits - "Everknown", "The Cave", and "Hideaway" alongside a catalog of life-affirming rock bangers. Over two decades in the game, the band continues to evolve, shaping rock music that empowers the soul. Witness Seth Bolt, Bear Rinehart, Josh Lovelace, Randall Harris and Tyler Burkum rock it out on stage by booking those tickets now!

Rockin' it out to their newest album "CAVES", American rock band NEEDTOBREATHE continues to keep their legacy of affirming rock music, live on stage. In a statement for their global trek in support of the album, "We’ll be delivering all your favorites old and new every night," shared the band, and you can expect the same at their special show at Pacific Amphitheatre on August 22nd. The show will also feature special guest Johnnyswim.

The band first gained attention for their hits that have Christian themes, and later on crossed over to mainstream success. To this day, NEEDTOBREATHE insists that their music is made for everyone, regardless of what you believe in. No matter what you think, their music is made to empower every person's soul. Now, we're all here to rock it all out.

With nine studio albums up their sleeve, the band has been rockin' the game for over two decades now. Bolt, Bear Rinehart, Josh Lovelace, Randall Harris and Tyler Burkum are indeed growing older, but their purpose remains the same, and they continue to evolve in sharing music that strike the soul.

"We’ve all grown as men and have new responsibilities," Bolt told The San Diego Union Tribune. "The best part of it all is that we continue to work together well. We take time to make sure that the music is made by all of us."

Creating music that resonates with people around the world, they feel a sense of purpose, aiming to create music that make lasting impact. "The world is a scary place, and the music we put out helps become a part of people’s lives," and now, Bolt and the band enjoy performing live on stage because of the interaction they have with their fans.

Though they've got a slew of accolades relating to their place in the Christian music landscape, the band has proved to the world that they don't limit themselves to particular labels... with a couple of their records hitting the Top 10 of the Billboard 200. They've made it clear - their music is for everyone. Its uplifting power invites listeners of diverse background, no matter who they are or what they believe in, to come together and have their lives changed through the power of rock music for the soul.

In a conversation with Country Now about their tour in support of "CAVES", Rinehart shares "We’re putting 10,000 people in a room that don’t believe the same way, they’re different ages, they like different styles of music, you know, trying to make that night special. You know, how do we become a community for that night, you know, under one roof?"

Every NEEDTOBREATHE show is indeed a special moment in time. Witness your favorite hits, personal faves, and new anthems off of CAVES live on stage. Book your tickets now!

Needtobreathe & Johnnyswim at Pacific Amphitheatre

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