Walker Hayes at Pacific Amphitheatre

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Pacific Amphitheatre | Costa Mesa, California

Walker Hayes

'Fancy like, oh! This year's OC Fair is welcoming one of the nation's hottest country-pop stars to the big stage. The one and only Walker Hayes is coming to town, performing live at Pacific Amphitheatre on Wednesday, August 7. Turning the summer heat right up, the Alabama native is throwing a massive bash, taking his multi-platinum hits, fan favorites, and new bangers to the live stage. His best-known hits include "You Broke Up with Me", "Fancy Like", and "AA". As his newest record "Country Stuff the Album" continues to dominate airwaves, bagging itself a Platinum certification from the RIAA, the man is on a roll! With a string of shows to kick off an awesome year in music, Hayes is all set to throw awesome parties with all of his fans, right at OC Fair. Mark your spots at the show by calling your gang and booking 'em tickets now!

This year's OC Fair proudly announced its amazing show, featuring the one and only Walker Hayes. Coming to you live at Pacific Amphitheatre on Wednesday, August 7, the man is turning the summer heat right up. Following his jam-packed shows for The Duck Buck Tour, Hayes is keeping things 'fancy like, oh! With a roster of shows lined up for 2024, he's inviting his fans across the country for a huge party led by his country-pop bangers.

Walker Hayes dominated Billboard mainstream and country charts with his viral hit single "Fancy Like". Taking his new album for a live spin in his previous Duck Buck Tour, fans across the nation have taken it all out, taking part in his wild shows over the past year. The single earned Hayes a 5x Platinum RIAA certification, and "Country Stuff the Album" hit #9 on the Billboard 200 with a Platinum certification from the RIAA. Moreover, the record also served his fan-favorite singles "AA" and "U Girl".

Though the man's largely known for his viral success dominating TikTok, his career dates back to 2010, at the release of his debut single "Pants". The track caught the country scene's attention, charting on the Hot Country Songs chart and kicking off his country stardom. Honing his craft with his strength in writing relatable and edgy lyrics with a catchy hook, Walker Hayes is now one of country music's biggest mainstream stars.

Following his recent global breakthrough, the man embarked on his first-ever headlining arena tour. "All the fans that have come out or will come out are making this dream a reality," he shared. "I owe it all to them, and this next tour will be the biggest and best. I don’t take for granted that they spent their hard-earned money on my shows, and I plan to make it well worth It!"

Back for another year of unstoppable parties and wild nights, Walker Hayes stays true to his core purpose in making music. Despite all the glitter and gold, he remains grounded as a vulnerable human being, open about his personal struggles. Facing life's challenges head-on, he released a two-song special "being a dad and missing mine".

"As I look at the body of work and the songs I’m sitting on, I think about what I want to say – and this is what I want to say to the world right now," the singer shared in a press release. "These songs wreck me in different ways and it’s my hope that everyone that listens will leave feeling real feelings."

The man definitely knows how to get us on our feet and send us to tears. It's all coming to you live at Pacific Amphitheatre on August 7. Book your tickets now!

Walker Hayes at Pacific Amphitheatre

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